Two live cuts today… from two of the most popular ladies on my iPod this year:

Nelly Furtado – Say It Right (live iTunes Session)

Nelly’s newest single… done live. I think the song is the most effective fusion on her new album. Her old style of more singer/songrwiter type lyrics and singing, with the beat and music of her newer hip hop sound. And it works. And what’s even more impressive, it still works live. So enjoy it!!

Jamelia – Take Your Mama (live on Jo Whiley)

And here’s another live track from one of my discoveries for 2006. Jamela, hailing from England, where she is very popular, and she’s completely unknwon in the US. Which makes me like her already! And on Radio 1, Jo Whiley has a show where artists come in, sing their new single and then do a cover of another popular song. Jamelia threw me for a loop with her fun cover of the Scissor Sisters hit, “Take Your Mama”. I think it’s worth a listen for all you SS fans out there! Enjoy!