Not a lot of info on this one, as I believe he made one, maybe 2 brief appearances. But it’s from when I first started reading comics, so it was my first glimpse of how stupid things could get. I give you:

Plaid Lad

In the first few issues of the new Legionnaires series in the mid-90’s, the already massive Legion team, decided to hold tryouts to bring on some new members. I don’t know why. When issue #1 debuted, their team roster was at a staggering 20-ish different members. There were too many members to give them all enough attention in each issue. They covered it decently enough, each arc focused on a few characters working together in some smaller adventure. However, I can’t imagine why they would think of adding more. (Though it did introduce a girl who got dissed by the Legionnaires, possessed by some evil spirit, and became their first big adversary for most of their first 20 issues.)

So you can imagine that someone named Plaid Lad wouldn’t make the cut. His mighty power: he turns things plaid. I didn’t think that powers could get more useless than Cypher’s, but I was wrong! I mean, he might be great to have around in a clothes factory, but fighting fururistic forces of evil!? I think not. Plus he’s allegedly a mutant. I hate that! Marvel has the market cornered on mutants. You may have heard of them… The X-Men. Even the sucky ones are surrounded by great characters like Rogue, Cyclops, or Sabretooth. So, DC… stick to alien and Amazons.

Not much else to write about, since he didn’t make the team, but just think of how high someone must have been to think this loser up!?