Slow week this week… it’ll help me catch up… and keep reading one of the Essential X-Men’s I got for my b-day.


Dr. Strange: The Oath #3 – This series is great, but I haven’t read issues 2 yet… so I have no idea what’s going on right now!
Irredeemable Ant-Man #2 – Same story as Dr. Strange… great 1st issue, and I need to get caught up!
New Excalibur #13 – So the Juggernaut may be turning bad again. I’m ambivalent about this, since, in my opinion, he functions very well as both a hero and a villain. Time will only tell how well this works out for the character!
Uncanny X-Men #481 – Xavier’s team continue along in their space epic. Now that we’re halfway through it… I’m starting to wonder if Brubaker has another epic story planned after this arc… or if we’ll get some shorter stories… hmmmm