OK. So along with getting totally behind on the blog, I haven’t stopped into the local comic shop, Comics Kingdom (plug!!), since before my birthday. Which means I am almost a month beind on my comic buyin’ and a readin’. SHAME ON ME! My to buy list is over 30 books long, especially with all this Civil War business going on at Marvel and WildStorm relaunching The Authority. So in my current predicament (the cover value of all this stuff is over $100), I’m turning to where I used to buy comics in my slacker days before I moved to Baltimore. Comic Books Etc has become Impulse Creations, but still offers 20-30% off list price for new releases.

I prefer going into my LCS (dork translation = Local Comics Shop) and actually looking at stuff and seeing what’s new and eye-catching. But, if I haven’t been in 3-4 weeks, then the LCS is likely to sell out of a bunch of the stuff I’m looking for, and comics seem cheaper when you buy your stack every week or so. So I found this great website where you can generally find most recent books at a discount, plus free shipping since I’m spending over $50, but their discount still makes it come in under $100!!

So I’ll spare you the back tracking of what I need to catch up on, and here is what is getting released today:


Black Panther #22 – Black Panther & Storm finish off their World Tour/Honeymoon by stopping into the lovely Civil War-torn US of A. Apparently they’re chatting it up with Iron Man, who will probably be an asshole, and cement Roro & ChaCha’s plans to join in the War, probably on the anti-registration side. Ooh!

Captain America #24 – Cap and his allies do some stuff. Civil War related… the preview synopsis was pretty bland, but I’m still eager to read it after last issue’s interesting Winter Soldier & Nick Fury story!

Nextwave #10 – Did none of you fuckers read my blog!? Month after month I giddily applauded this series. So much fun to read, and yet, Marvel is pulling the plug in 2 months. Allegedly Warren Ellis only planned to stay on for a year, however it seems sales figures are leading to the series ending at 12, and allegedly coming back with a few infrequent mini-series. I don’t understand how crap like New Excalibur (which I read anyway) can go on, but a genuinely riveting book like this has to stop. Oh well…

Onslaught Reborn #1 – All of my better judgement is telling me to skip this series. A ten year anniversary “event” celebrating the mid 90’s comics disaster in which several of Marvel’s biggest heroes (Fantastic 4, Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk (I think)) were sent into an alternate reality which was ” re-imagined by Jim Lee & Rob Liefeld, who had just jumped Marvel’s ship 4-5 years prior to start up some crappy and inconsitent books for Image. So basically this is a mini-series re-visiting the time that, for a year, Jim & Roid (er, Rob) shit all over the incredible universe that Stan Lee and his buddies created 40 years ago. This book gets ONE chance to not suck before I toss it out.

X-Men #193 – The conclusion of the first arc for the revamped title. Can’t wait to see what happens. And for some more character development. The cover looks too busy and too yellow though.

Zombie #3 – I forgot to get issue #2… so I have no idea what’s happening. Whoops!

I’m also ordering:
Dr. Strange: The Oath #2, Eternals #5, New X-Men #32, Wisdom #1, Midnighter #1, Authority #1, Gen13 #1-2, Wonder Woman #3, Amazing Spider-Man #536, Civil War FrontLine #8, New Excalibur #13, Punisher War Journal #1, Runaways #22, Wolverine #48, Astonishing X-Men #18, Cable & Deadpool #34, Civil War #5, Iron Man #13, Ms. Marvel #9, New Avengers #25, X-Men First Class #3, & Catwoman #61.

I hope to not get behind like this again!!!