Alright, kids, in honor of the tunes part of the blog, it is my duty to share with you the great music that is out there, hidden behind the heaps of crappy music on the radio. So on Tuesdays, I’ll be sharing two mp3’s with you. Enjoy them or ignore them, but I’m quite fond of them.

Today I give you:

Mary J. Blige featuring U2 – One

Mary kills it on this one. Mary is one of the greatest musicians out there, but she can sometimes just kills a cong with the wrong inflections or oversinging. Look at most of her live performances of “No More Drama” back in the day. Oops! Anyway, here she takes one of the greatest rock songs ever, and just knocks it out of the park. You go girl!

Justin Timberlake – SexyBack (Rauhofer Reconstruction Edit)

So apparently radio is killing this song. I don’t listen to the radio much, so I’m still enthralled with it, and this here is one of the better mixes of it. The other one being the Armand Van Helden Mix… and I’m almost ashamed to say that this one does it for me more than the others.

So that’s it for today. Put em on your iPod and dance around while you do the dishes. At least… that’s what I do!!