Well, today at work was tremendous. Another busy day with us putting on a program and being here from 7:30-5. Not out of the ordinary, especially since we’ve been having so many lately. Since August, really, at least 1-4 days of the week we’ve been having some sort of program. Which has made it pretty hard to take much vacation. And since I’ve been here almost 6 years, I get 4-5 weeks a year.

So today my boss told me to figure out how much time I have left to use up before the rest of the year. I did the math, expecting to find I need to use up a week or so, or lose it, by the end of the year. WRONG!

2 weeks and 2 days of vacation to use up by December 29th. And I have to use it or lose it. And that’s also accounting for the 5 days I’m banking for next year, which is the maximum.

So my last day of work for 2006 is December 12th. How awesome is that!? I haven’t had this much time off from work since I was 15 and not even working yet. Whole of my body is jumping!!

But then again, I started to wonder… what am I going to do with all that free time?

I can’t wait to find out!!!