It’s relaunch time, Baby!!!

Between work and vacation and all that real life shit… I’ve been really ignoring the blog for the past few weeks. So in shame and in favor of renewed inspiration, I’m having a sort of relaunch.

I’m going to try to have a daily post of the features you love or hate. Monday’s will be a new Music Meme every week (the lyrics quiz). Tuesday will be 2 new or old MP3’s I’ll share with you. Wednesday will be the pull list for what’s new in comic book world. Thursday will see the return of the dimwit of the day, and I dunno what I’ll do with Friday yet.

Also, in blog world, I’m rapidly approaching 10,000 hits… whoo-hoo. And in the real world, my favorite holiday is rapidly approahing – Christmas. So expect all kinds of Christmas fun and posts.

So I’m sorry about the delays, but keep coming back, and I promise ot be more on track for a while. Cheers!