Black Panther #21 – The World Tour continues… with Black Panther & Storm heading to Atlantis to chat it up with Namor. Going by their last 2 visits to other kingdoms, a mini-battle is bound to start up. It will also be interesting to see if Namor gets a taste for some chocolate, and hits on Storm, since he just loves married women (a la Sue Storm the Invisible Woman).

Captain America #23 – Don’t you just hate it when your woman does you wrong!? Isn’t it worse when she sells you out to your opposition in the middle of a Civil War between superheroes and the guv’mint!? Well that was last issue. So, did the poonany that Cap got last issue reinvigorate him to kick ass this issue?

Heroes For Hire #3 – So last issue turned out to be pretty good… not as predictable a book as I thought it would be. I can be wrong sometimes!

New Avengers #24 – Where does the mysterious Sentry stand in the Civil War broo-ha-ha? He’s been pretty absent so far, so hopefully this issue will answer the questions about where he stands and why.

New Excalibur #12 – So last issue was not so bad. Who knew that Dazzler would ever be performing in King Arthur’s court. I’m sure the outcome of this issue will be, Excalibur (the team) saves the day, and then Black Knight will probably join the team. Bringing the total of non-mutants on this X-men in Europe team up to 2. How’s that for anti-discrimination!?

Nextwave #9 – This book is fucking brilliant & everyone should give it a try. That’s all!

X-Men #192 – Only 2 issues left of the first X-Men story arc under new writer Mike Carey. It’s been fun so far, if only a little hard to follow. I really liked the explanation about where The Children came from, and I’m a fickle fan when it comes to new villains. If they aren’t going to be developed & used adequately, I say why bother making them up, when there’s already a ton of villains around with a low mortality rate.

Zombie #2 – The first issue was a little underwhelming, but I’m willing to give the second issue a try, to see if this book comes up with anything different then your average zombie movie cliches & plots. I’ll let you know later! This book is definetly no Walking Dead though!