Well, we did it again! Cyndi Lauper appeared at the Ram’s Head Live in Downtown Baltimore last night, and the BF and I were there with bells on! It was a general admission club show, which always have their pro’s and con’s, but all in all it was a great night. We got there aorund 6:30, to get into line for the doors opening at 7pm. Without assigned seating, we wanted to be as close as we could get! The doors opened at about 7:15, and we rushed in to find ourselves one “row” back from the stage extension (the stage jutted out onto a 5 foot platform in the center, so we were quite close!). We started to chat a bit with the people around us, and were pretty keyed up for the concert.

The opening act, The Rule, came out at about 8 pm, and played for about 45 minutes. They were not bad, but I wasn’t rushing back to the Merch booth to pick up the CD or anything. Rocky Reggae, sung by a white guy, so it was kind of like UB40 for the new millenium. But still, they were upbeat and sufficient at keeping us from getting too bored waiting. (The worst opening act would have to have been Citizen Cope who opened for Nelly Furtado and played 1 chord & sang warbled unintelligible garble for about 30 minutes.)

Finally about 9:10, Cyndi came to the stage. We’ve seen her once before and were already aware that she is one of this generation’s most dynamic stage performers, and last night was no exception. She started out doing a cover of “Mack the Knife”, which was sung on an old microphone to give “old timey” effects, plus there was a flickering spot on her, that really gave the effect on being in an old time movie. She then pulled off her black cloak to reveal a cute little outfit underneath and launched into her 2-3 punch of “That’s What I Think” and “What’s Going On”, which according to her tour blog, the 3 songs together are like her statement on politics and world affairs right now. Go Cyndi!

The rest of the night included:

Mack The Knife – That’s What I think – What’s Going On – Still With Me – All Through the Night – Goonies R Good Enough (Acapella) –  True Colors – She Bop – Sisters of Avalon – Who Let In the Rain – Other Side of Here – Shine – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Above The Clouds – Change of Heart — Encore: I Drove All Night – Iko Iko/No Woman No Cry (with the Rule) – Time After Time – Money Changes Everything

All in all, a fantastic set list, a few songs she hasn’t performed on the tour yet, plus 2 new songs that sound fantastic, and I can’t wait to hear on her next album, and plenty of crowd banter thoughout. I was also happy to see the setlist changed up from her tour last year, and her ending the night with a song other that ‘Girls’… since she has a great back catalogue that gets eclipsed by that little ditty. Also, there was a little boy there who could not have been more then 10 years old, and was just adorable. He had on a t-shirt that said, “I may be the yougest Cyndi Lauper fan, but I’m also the Biggiest”. So sweet. Cyndi spotted him over the course of the evening, and signed his t-shirt during the show, and sang part of the intro to “I Drove All Night” directly to him. I’m sure she made the kid’s year, and I have even more appreciation for her because of it! 

The negatives however, would be not being able to sit at all. BF and I were talking about how the last time we saw her was in a theater and we would have rather stood for her opening act that time, and sat for the one last night. Oh well! Also, in front of us and to the left was this whole family. Husband, wife, and 2 children. And I mean children as in about 5 and 7 respectively. The kids didn’t give 2 shits about Cyndi Lauper (totally unlike the little boy nearby, who was clearly beyond excited), the wife looked miserable too, & it appeared like the guy brought the kids, only in hopes of Cyndi being more prone to signing autograpohs for the kids during the show, then for a grown-ass man. AND the husband, appeared rather gay to those of us with a well-tuned gaydar. And not hip gay, but white trash latent Essex gay, who was trying to mask his gayness with 2 bratty little kids and a wife who was basically the real life equivalent of the Michelle Williams character in “Brokeback Mountain”. It was unfortunate. And funny. I guess I’m just mean. I’m just glad the kids didn’t get trampled or anything. Other than that, a perfect night.

So if you get the chance, go see her in your town. It’s totally worth it!

Also, keep an eye out for her in summer 2007, when she launches the True Colors tour, with Erasure, and several other gay or gay-friendly artists, with proceeds going to the HRC. Kind of like a gay(er) Lilith Fair!