Update: Guessing closedd… look for a newie soon!

The Rules (in case you want to do it too!)
Step 1: Put your iPod/MP3 player or iTunes on random.
Step 2: Post the first line(s) from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post it on your blog and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly & post the title in bold after the stricken song.
Step 5: Looking the lyrics up on Google or any other search engine is cheating! Please play nice!
Also, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment, if you are right, I will post your name (or link if you prefer). Have fun!

The Songs

1. “good news she’s dead the Witch of the West is dead the wickedest witch there ever was the enemy of all of us here in Oz is dead good news good news” No One Mourns The Wicked – Wicked OBCR ***CobyKay

2. “we go where we like we got overtime we get paid to rattle our chains we go in the back paint our money black spend it on the enemy sleepin in the church ridin in the dirt put a banner over my grave make your body work make it bigger hurt sell me somthin big and untamed now our time feel good time” Feel Good Time – Pink

3. “you know what you know so you go break the terror of the urban spell this alliance you say I’m on the threshold of greatness girl so you burn your pagoda through the congo till theres a broken bond on the birth of the search white trash my native son it will all find its way in time blossom riot poof” Riot Poof – Tori Amos ***ShannonH

4. “just the thought of our bed makes me crumble like the plaster where you punched the wall beside my bed & I try to draw the line but it ends up running down the middle of me most of the time boys get locked up in some prison girls get locked up in some house & it dont matter if its a warden or a lover or a spouseOut of Range – Ani DiFranco ***ShannonH

5. “dear I fear were facing a problem you love me no longer I know & maybe there is nothing that I can do to make you do Mama tells me I shouldnt bother that I ought to stick to another man a man that surely deserves me but I think you do so I cry I pray & I beg love me love me say that you love me fool me fool me” Lovefool – The Cardigans ***CrystalG

6. “I was checkin’ this girl next door when her parents went out she’d phone say hey boy come on right around so I knock at the door you were standin with a bottle of red wine ready to pour dressed in long black satin laced to the floor so I went in then we sat down start kissin’ caressinFill Me In – Craig David ***Saul

7. “the problem is for many years I’ve lived my life publicly so its hard for me to find a man I trust I rarely trust & every time I find someone I like gotta worry about if its really me that they see & I thought you were the one deep inside I wish that you could see that I’m just plain old Mary” Deep Inside – Mary J. Blige ***CrystalG

8. “don’t need to paper don’t need no pencil don’t need no love letters cuz I just wanna get along with you no beeper don’t need no cellular no digitals better I just wanna get along with you try me cuz I agree what makes you happy but the part that I dont get is why me you deny me now Im forced upon this planet sadly lonely nights I’m used to gettin” Get Along WIth You – Kelis ***CrystalG

9. “do your thing honey I could feel it from the start couldn’t stand to be apart something bout you caught my eye something moved me deep inside don’t know what you did boy but you had it and i’ve been hooked ever since I told my mother my brother my sister & my friends “ Ain’t No Other Man – Christina Aguilera ***CrystalG

10. “I come from Bed-Stuy where n****s either do or they gon’ die gotta keep the ratchet close by someone murdered nobody seen nobody heard it just another funeral service n***s will get at you come through shinin’ they yap you in broad day light kidnap you feds get clapped too police stay on us like tattoos” Lighters Up – Lil’ Kim ***CrystalG

11. “it’s murder on the dancefloor but you better not kill the groove DJ gonna burn this goddamn house right down I know I know I know I know I know I know about your kind & so & so & so & so & so I’ll have to play if you think you’re getting away I will prove you wrong I’ll take you all the way boy just come along” Murder on The Dancefloor – Sophie Ellis Bextor ***ShannoH & ***EddieZ

12. “& I songtitle nothin’s ever promised tomorrow today from the Chi like Tim it’s a Hardaway till this is in the name of love like Robert say before you ask me to go get a job today can I at least get a raise on the minimum wage & I know the government administer aids so I guess we just pray like the minister say”

13. “if I was a rich girl na na na see I’d have all the money in the world if I was a wealthy girl no man could test me impress me my cash flow would never ever end cause I’d have all the money in the world if I was a wealthy girl think what that money could bring I’d buy everything” Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani & Eve ***CrystalG

14. “she makes me think of lightning and skies (her name she’s sexy) how else is God supposed to write (her name she’s sexy) move she wants to move but your hogging her & guarding her she wants to move she wants to move but your hogging her your guarding her damn Mr. look at your your girl she loves it I can see it in her eyes she hopes you’ll last forever” She Wants To Move – N.E.R.D ***CrystalG

15. “if you see me walking down the street & I start to cry each time we meet walk on by walk on by make believe that you don’t see the tears just let me grieve in private cuz each time I see you I break down & cry and walk on by (don’t stop)” Walk On By – Cyndi Lauper ***quelquechose

16. “time to walk away you’ve run out of things to say everything ends up the same old story you don’t know where love went but nothings making sense you both know you cant fake it anymore don’t look back he’ll see you cryin don’t look back on love thats dyin make believe your heart is made of stone” Don’t Look Back – Wynonna ***ShannonH

17. “you keep saying you got something for me well officer I don’t mind to say you do now you’re looking right where I thought you’d be looking legs come handy when laws in front of you songtitle that’s just what they’ll do 1 of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you” These Boots Were Made For Walking – Jessica Simpson ***CobyKay

18. “I been bitten by the bug & I am coming down with oh something that cant be cured there aint a doctor in this town who is more qualified than you yeah to be so adored so tell me what do you prescribe for these symptoms a heart beating faster & work is a disaster I’m lovesick when youre not around check me over when strong hands & healing I’m dancing on the ceiling fever sure has got me good” Fever – Kylie Minogue

19. “all I have to do is forget how much I love him all I have to do is put my longing to one side tell myself that love’s an ever changing situation passion would have cooled & all the magic would have died it’s easy as life I try to forget how much I want him here let my tears slowly disappear” Easy As Life – AIDA OBCR ***CobyKay

20. “I was waiting for so long for a miracle to come everyone told me to be strong hold on & don’t shed a tear through the darkness & good times I knew I’d make it through & the world thought I had it all but I was waiting for you hush now I see a light in the sky oh it’s almost blinding me” A New Day Has Come – Celine Dion ***ShannonH