UPDATE 10/6/06: Guessing closed… look for a newie on Monday!

The Rules (in case you want to do it too!)
Step 1: Put your iPod/MP3 player or iTunes on random.
Step 2: Post the first line(s) from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post it on your blog and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly & post the title in bold after the stricken song.
Step 5: Looking the lyrics up on Google or any other search engine is cheating! Please play nice!
Also, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment, if you are right, I will post your name (or link if you prefer). Have fun!

The Songs

1. “girl I wanna take you to a gay bar i wanna take you to a gay bar i wanna take you to a gay bar gay bar gay bar let’s star a war start a nuclear war at a gay bar gay bar gay barGay Bay – Electric 6 ***ShannonH

2. “Holly came from Miami FLA hitch-hiked her way across the USA plucked her eyebrows on the way shaved her leg & then he was a she she says hey babe take a walk on the wild side said hey honey take a walk on the wild side Candy came from out on the island in the backroom she was everybodys darling but she never lost her head even when she was given headWalk On The Wild Side – Lou Reed ***ShannonH

3. “where are you going my beautiful friend is this the road that you take till the end & if we left behind is this the highway of our mankind axes spins so round and round we go where we’re goin’ no one really knows here we here we here we here we go feel the fire way down below come on dim the lights it’s party time switch on the strobe do what you like gonna have a ball tonight let’s have a ball down at the glove” The Globe – Big Audio Dynamite

4. “check it out going out on the late night looking tight feeling nice it’s a cock fight I can tell I just know that it’s going down tonight at the door we don’t wait cause we know them at the bar 6 shots just beginning that’s when dick head put his hands on me but you see I’m not here for your entertainment you don’t really want to mess with me tonightU + Ur Hand – Pink  ***Ryan

5. “holding you closer it’s time that I told you everything’s going to be fine know that you’re leaving & try to believe it take me 1 step at a time and if this ain’t love why does it feel so good and if this ain’t love why does it feel so good think of tomorrow we beg steal or borrow to make all we can in the sun” Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) – Spiller & Sophie Ellis-Bextor

6. “have a feelin now believin that you were the one I was meant to be with oh how I’m wishin thinkin dreamin bout you & the love how’d I ever let you get away got till it’s gone got till it’s gone dont it always seem to go that you dont know what youve songtitle dont it always seem to go that you dont know what youve got till it’s goneGot Till It’s Gone – Janet Jackson  *** CrystalG

7. “don’t be so quick to walk away dance with me wanna rock your body please stay dance with me you don’t have to admit you wanna play dance with me let me rock you plase stayRock Your Body – Justin Timberlake   ***Ryan

8. “I used to be scared of the dick now I throw lips to the shit handle it like a real bitch Heather Hunter Janet Jack-me take it in the butt yah jazz wuh I got land in the Switzerland even got sand in the Marylands Bahamas in the spring baby it’s a big momma thing can’t tell by the diamonds in my rings that’s how many times I wanna cum 21 & another 1 & another 1 & another 1Big Momma Thing – Lil’ Kim  *** CrystalG

9. “c’mon ease on down ease on down the road c’mon ease on down ease on down ease on down the road don’t you carry nothing that might be a load c’mon ease on down ease one down the road pick your left foot up when your right foot’s down come on legs keep movin’ don’t you lose no ground you just keep on keepin’ on the road that you choose don’t you give up walkin’ cuz you gave up shoes, noEase On Down The Road – The Wiz  ***CrystalG

10. “today is the last day that I’m using words theyve gone out lost their meaning don’t function anymore lets get unconscious honey lets get unconscious honey today is the last day that I’m using words they’ve gone out lost their meaning don’t function anymore travelling leaving logic and reason travelling to the arms of unconsciousnessBedtime Story – Madonna  ***CrystalG

11. “things like this can always take a little time I always thought we’d be together down the line we start to fight & can’t get over what was said cause you see black & white & I see red I wonder who let in the rain you know without you I’m not the same when love gets strong people get weak sometimes they lose control & wind up in too deep they fall like rain who let in the rainWho Let In The Rain – Cyndi Lauper ***Jordan

12. “dear darlin your mom my friend left a message on my machine she was frantic saying you were talking crazy that you wanted to do away with yourself guess she thought I would be the perfect resort because we’ve had this inexplicable connection since our youth & yes they’re in shock they are panicked you & your chronic them & their drama you this embarassment us in the middle of this delusionJoining You – Alanis Morissette  ***Jordan

13. “hey baby my nose is getting big I noticed it be growing when I been telling them fibs now you say your trust’s gettin weaker probably coz my lies just started gettin deeper & the reason for my confession is that I learn my lesson & I really think you have to know the truuth because I lied & I cheated & I lied a little more but after I did it I don’t know what I did it for I admit that I have been a little immatureDon’t Lie – Black Eyed Peas  ***Ryan

14. “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like it’s better than yours damn right it’s better than yours I could teach you but I’d have to chargeMilkshake – Kelis  ***CrystalG

15. “I have walked this earth & watched people it doesnt scare me at all I can be sincere & say I like them it doesnt scare me at all you cant say no to hope can’t say no to happiness I want to go on a mountain-top with a radio and good batteries & play a joyous tune & free the human race from sufferingAlarm Call – Bjork  ***ShannonH

16. “where did we go wrong where did we lose our faith my brother is in need but can he depend on me do you think if 1 of you tried maybe you could find a better friend than any other if you gave more than you took life could be so good come on & try nows the time cause you’re free to do what you want to do you’ve got to live your life do what you want to do” Free – Ultra Nate

17. “say hello to the girl that I am you’re gonna have to see through my perspective I need to make mistakes just to learn who I am & I dont wanna be so damn protected there must be another way cause I believe in taking chances but who am I to say what a girl is to do God I need some answers what am I to do with my life how am I supposed to know whats right I cant help the way I feel but my life has been so overprotectedOverprotected – Britney Spears  ***Ryan

18. “father I killed my monkey I let it out to taste the sweet of spring wonder if I will wander out test my tether to see if Im still free from you steady as it comes right down to you I’ve said it all so maybe we’re a bliss of another kind lately I’m in to circuitry what it means to be made of you but not enough of youBliss – Tori Amos  ***Jordan

19. “when you grow up livin’ like a good boy oughta & your mama takes a shine to her best son something different all the girls they seem to like you cause you’re handsome like to talk and a whole lot of fun but now your girl’s gone a missin’ & your house has got an empty bed the folks’ll wonder ’bout the wedding they won’t listen to a word you said we’re gonna take your mama out all night yeah we’ll show her what it’s all about we’ll get her jacked up on some cheap champagne let the good times all roll outTake Your Mama Out – Scissor Sisters  ***Jordan

20. “no don’t just walk away pretending everything’s okay & you don’t care about me I know it’s just no use when all your lies become your truths & I don’t care could you look me in the eye & tell me that you’re happy now would you tell it to my face or have I been erased are you happy now you took all there was to take & left me with an empty plate & you don’t care about it & I am giving up this game & leaving you with all the blame cause I don’t care” Are You Happy Now – Michelle Branch