He is dangerous and slanderous.

At least according to Jim Litwak, the CEO of Trans World Entertainment, the company that runs FYE, Sam Goody, Specs, Wherehouse, and a few other music retailers.

Apparently, Jake Shears, the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters (the flamboyant hottie pictured above) was quoted at a retailer convention a few weeks back as saying he walked into an FYE to purchase the new Raconteurs album and was appalled to find it priced at $18.99 (practically $20 when you consider sales tax and all). Trans World lashed back saying “Our cd’s don’t cost $20!!”. Well Mary, I’ve been to FYE, and yes, your cd’s most certainly do cost $20. If they were priced around $10, then you have a right to complain. But more than $15 for a CD anywhere is fucking ridiculous. And it’s rare for sale prices at FYE to fall lower than $15. The only reason I ever went to FYE and Sam Goody in the first place was because they used to have a decent selection of CD singles and imports. Now they don’t even have that going for them.

In retaliation, no Trans World stores are carrying the new Scissor Sisters album. You know, the album that is at #1 in the UK right now. They’re even selling it at Wal-Mart (only $11.88 — watch out for falling prices!) and on iTunes, among other places. However, you will be unable to go pay $20 for it at FYE or Sam Goody. Oh well, I guess the industry is forcing us to pay less for it. At least until the Scissor Sisters issue a formal apology for “slandering” the company, only then, according to Jim Litwak, will they sell the new cd Ta-Dah!.

Well guess what Jimbo, people don’t normally apologize for tellin’ it like it is.

But don’t worry Jake, Kylie still loves you!
Thanks to ModFab for tipping me off about this travesty!