Buncha books this week… whoopee!!


Amazing Spider-Man #535 – Allegedly, Spider-Man could be flipping sides over the course of the Civil War. Could we see more seeds of this, like they were laid in Civil War #4 last week? And what would that mean to MJ and Aunt May. hmmm
Black Panther #20 – Black Panther takes his bitch, er, coff, I mean Storm out to the moon to visit the Inhumans. They’re kinda pissy with Earth right now, so will they be as gracious hosts as Dr. Doom was? heh
Cable & Deadpool #32 – Cable and Deadpool settle their differences like calm, well-adjusted individuals. Sike!
Captain America #22 – About time. I’ve been dying to see more of this Civil War situation from Cap’s perspective, and hopefully this arc will deliver!
Civil War: Frontline #6 – MOre stories of loose ends in the wake of Civil War. Plus Speedball begins his trial. OOooh!
Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #3 – So it appears that this series will have little effect on either team in the long run. Score.
Eternals #4 – This series totally makes my panties wet. I’m thrilled with Neil Gaiman’s work for Marvel. Not quite Sandman, but still riveting. And even John Romita Jr.’s art is impressive. Yay!
Heroes For Hire #2 – I truly don’t see this series lasting past Civil War unless they get some bigger guns on the team. Odds and ends bounty hunters from around the Marvel Universe, hired by Iron Man, to catch the “baddies” or something. Yawn.
X-Men #191 – I’m loving the revamp still. Art is on point, and the story is great. I just wish it could progress faster! Jeez.
Zombie #1 – Zombie’s are hot hot hot right now. Hopefully this series will keep me sated until i get the Marvel Zombie’s harcover for my bday (hopefully) and the next Walking Dead anthology for Christmas (hopefully). And I mean hopefully as in… i want them. Now.