Before what I’m buying this weekend, let me share my excitement in sharing the news of the week. Brian K. Vaughan is leaving “Runaways”, the book giving him MUCH critical acclaim, after issue #25. This is pretty unfortunate, as he is he true mastermind behind an over 40 issue run of a brilliant series. However the big news is that Joss Whedon will be taking over for him. Joss, the guy behind the Buffy TV show and the Astonishing X-Men. This sounds awesome, and I only hope they find someone equally as terrific to follow Joss on Astonishing X-Men. Now on to the list:


Astonishing X-Men #17 – This series just won’t quit. After the reveal of Perfection last issue turned out to NOT be Jean Grey (a longshot, I admit), I’m still intrigued to find out how this story will be resolved. Also, kudos for a cover showing Wolverine looking like a big pussy. He’s normally shown in larger than life heroic poses, and for him to be quivering in fear is really unique!
Catwoman #59 – This issue we find out who Selina’s babydaddy is. Um, nothing else to say about that except — FINALLY!!
Civil War #4 – The wait is over. The delay wasn’t as excruciating as one would think, and Thor is BACK, bitches. This is mini-series is truly awe-inspiring.
Civil War: X-Men #3 – An X-Men series without Wolverine, HOT! Cyclops being mind controlled into battling Bishop, HOT! Domino back in the spotlight, HOT! Two more issues to resolve this plotline… hmmm
Nextwave #8 – This series is so much fun!! After Photon alluded to her suspicions last issue that Captain America was a ‘mo, I don’t know how editorial let’s some of the things in this series go to print. But I love that they do!
Runaways #22 With the team still reeling from a Gert’s death, and a creative shift on the horizon, I’m really anticipating the grand finale for the series creators in the next few issues. Allegedly the team is going to be on the run to Manhattan…. jinkies.
Wolverine #46 – Between the brilliant art, and the appearance and interaction with Namor, this title, one I normally ignore, has become a really riveting Civil War tie-in.
X-Factor #11 – I LOVE this series. The Singularity plotline is nearing resolution, and Madrox’s multipples are banging all the girls in the house. So much fun!
X-Men: First Class #1 – As a lover of all things X, I’m giving this series a chance. The original incarnation of the X-Men has never really been my favorite, since the characters are all pretty vanilla, however the first issue has received some great reviews. So we’ll see!

See you at the racks, kids!