Civil War Files #1 – A little one-shot to fill-in some info on most of the major players in the whole Civil War thing at Marvel. Hopefully it’ll clear up some of my questions… or just make more.
Ms. Marvel #7 – How do I love this series, let me count the ways. The Civil War tie-in arc is sure keeping my attention. They brought back Spider-Woman II (one of my favorite 90’s characters), plus is something developing with wonder Man??
New Excalibur #11 – How badly this series needs some direction. Now we’re into an arc about the Black Knight from the Avengers, who MAY be joining the team. They really need to do something interesting with this series. Or can it, and start a Dazzler solo title. That would be hot!
New X-Men #30 – So the carnage continues. I really feel like the creative teams should swap stories on New X-Men and New Excalibur. Have the grown-ups fighting some epic battle with Nimrod, and the kids, being, you know kids. They should be more on par with Runaways or Young Avengers. Instead they’re just a bit unbelievable in all their exploits. When are they ever in school?
Ultimate X-Men #74 – I’m definitely digging the direction their taking this story. the mysterious Magician is set to “duke” it out with Jean Grey/Phoenix this issue. And, we get to find out what’s wrong with him, plus Ultimate Cable is coming soon… OOOOhhh!!

Plus I get to catch up on all the books I bought at the Comic-Con on Sunday (somewhere in the ballpark of 70ish new books). AND I found my Marvel Legends figures… the ones that were “Wal-Mart Exclusives” except I had to go to a major trade show to find them. But Whatev, Kitty Pryde and Warbird (Ms. Marvel) are now mine mine mine!!!! Hooray.