Yes, it’s true kids:

Gwen Stefani is releasing fashion dolls of herself.

Gwen now joins the ranks of Britney, Beyonce, Xtina, Shakira, the Spice Girls, and, of course, my favorite – Kylie in the ranks of pop stars immortalized in the plastic mold of Barbie, with a different head attached. Apparently, Gwen is more wholesome then the Pussycat Whores (who had dolls planned, then scrapped… since you know… they are TOO slutty).

So this is kinda interesting to me, since I enjoyed most of Gwen’s solo album, and really he’s been waiting to bust out as a superstar since No Doubt first started getting popular. Unfortunately though, these dolls seem tobe more “Bratz” in appearance, which means if I put her on the shelf with the other pop dolls I have, she’ll look like a ‘tard.

Yes, I know. I am a HUGE faggot and I own some pop star dolls (both Kylie dolls – natch!). I don’t yet know if Gwen will be joining them.

Here’s to hoping they release Paris Hilton dolls, so I can do terrible things to it with knives and lighters, and share the pics with you all!