I wanna do something different this week. Summer’s over, and we all need a good laugh. So I’m sharing some of my funnier mp3’s. I want to mention that I ADORE Margaret Cho, but I don’t have any clips short enough, so you’ll just have to go rent the DVD’s. Sarah Silverman’s “Jesus is Magic” is also fuckin’ hilarious.

1. Wanda Sykes – Porno PSA (Bigger & Blacker) – Wanda Sykes is one of the funniest women in the world. I saw her at the DC improv a few years back and laughed my ass off. Every movie she’s in is better for her being in it. Even “Monster-In-Law”. This is a track from one of Chris Rock’s comedy CD’s. Enjoy!
2. Peaches – My Dumps (leaked) – I mentioned this song a few weeks ago, now you can hear it too. Pretty simple, it’s a NASTY parody of the Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps”. Except they’re talking about doody. Fun!
3. Rickey Smiley – Funeral Arrangements (Prank Phone Calls Vol II) – I was introduced to Rickey Smiley a few years ago when this mp3 went around our office e-mail. Rickey imitates an old southern woman who discovers that someone close has passed away. It is HY-sterical (and loud, so beware). He has some of the funniest crank call CD’s out there!
4. Chris Rock – Monica Interview (Bigger & Blacker) – This is a little track put together by Chris Rock, and it’s sublime (to me). In it, he interviews “Monica Lewinsky”. Except Monica is portrayed by snippets from Lil’ Kim raps. Let the nastiness and hilarity ensue.