Only 2 this week!!


Uncanny X-Men #478 – Continuing the saga of the Shi’Ar. This ish, we catch up with Professor X’s team in space. They seem to be stuck, Vulcan has a big lead on them, and allegedly, the Shi’Ar know that Marvel Girl is in space, and one way or another they’re gonna get her. Hmmmm… This story is so epic, I can’t believe they actually put a writer with good ideas on the flagship X-Men title.
X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #1 – So it’s another X-Men mini-series about the Phoenix. Hopefully this one will be paced better then the Phoenix Endsong one from last year. However, i feel like Marvel should put the Phoenix thing to rest for awhile, and hurry up and bring Jean back from the dead already.

A VERY light week this week. Which is a-ok by me, since coming up this weekend, I’m going to the

Baltimore Comic-Con

I’m very excited. It’s my first ever comic book convention, plus it’s on a pay weekend, and I’m waiting tables tonight and tomorrow, so I will most likely be dropping some significant dough this weekend. Essentially it’s dork-a-palooza, but who are you to judge!?