I apologize.

I am a slacker, and have not made any updates in days.

The main reason would be, I was home from work for Labor Day, and I was vegging. A lot!

And I hate trying to work on the blog from my home PC, because it sucks. It’s already deleted 3 posts I’ve attempted to make from home. So basically the home PC is only good for editing and comments. And I’m trying to wait until after X-mas to buy a new one. We’ll see how well that works, since now it appears the CD burner is on the fritz. Fuck!

In other News, Labor Day Weekend has happened, which means, I can now officially start Christmas shopping. Now, close your mouth, it’s not that shocking. I like to get a jump start, because I’m better with money if I shop across 3 months, instead of one. That way I have more time to brainstorm, browse, and not feel any last minute pressure. I think I make better choices this way. Plus I have started to do a lot of online shopping, so I like to leave a lot of time for shipping.

I already picked up 2 things for the BF, and got inspiration for the BFF and another close friend. And some crafty ideas because I’m a dork like that.

I’m also ADDICTED to the new Justin Timberlake track — SexyBack. Just got the remix by Armand Van Helden, and it’s so hot it makes my teeth sweat.

I think that catches us up a bit. Regular posts should resume today.