1. Dannii Minogue – Love Fight (TDM Radio Mix) (Love Fight) – Kylie’s sister has recently released her greatest hits/new album. Dannii hasn’t had enough BIG hits to justify a full greatest hits album, and apparently didn’t write enough new songs for a full new album, so she threw em all together and released “The Hits & Beyond”, backed with a DVD of all her videos, which means, it’ll never get released in the US. I’ve only DL’d a few of the new tracks, and ‘Love Fight’ stands out as one of the best songs she’s recorded EVER. And here’s the first leaked remix. Not bad.
2. Fatboy Slim ft Lateef – Wonderful Night (Palookaville) – This is a bit of an oldie at this point, but whatev. From Fatboy’s last album, this song was featured in a Target commercial and in the background of countless TV shows and movies, but I was never able to find out what the song was until a few months back. It’s a great party track, and the rap is pretty good. Enjoy!!
3. Panic! At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies (acoustic) (iTunes Live) – The little emo band of the moment, that’s been all over the radio lately, pulled the plugs out for iTunes recently and recorded a few tracks. This is a great song, and it still works when it’s not as noisy. So this is what they sound like when they go more in the rock direction… what happens when they go more in the dance direction?
4. Kylie Minogue ft Ludacris – Chocolate (Rap Version) (Chocolate) – Another treat from Danni’s sister, with smaller boobs and a better voice. Few years back, Kylie went in a more urban direction on “Body Language”, so her record company wanted to get as much mileage out of the old girl as they could, so they really wanted one of the track to include a rent-a-rapper, a requirement for most songs to get airplay, especially in the US. They even went so far as to get Ludacris to record a rap to be used on ‘Chocolate’, but Kylie was having none of it. The album version included just Kylie, with a few words dropped here or there by an unnamed male voice in the mix. Turns out it was some samples of Ludacris, and the rap version just leaked, it really doesn’t help or hurt the track… it’s just there. Check it out!