OK… so All-Star Superman and X-Men were only pushed back a week, so not so bad, this should a be a decent week, not too heavy, not too light.


All-Star Superman #5 – If it weren’t for the art, I wouldn’t be paying attention to this series. The story is decent, but the barely bi-monthly shipping schedule makes the barely-there plotline very hard to follow. However Frank Quitely is a genius with a pencil, and I can’t stop looking at his drawings. So I guess that’s why this book is popular.
Black Panther #19 – OK, so not one month after Black Panther marries Storm, and she’s not even on the cover of this issue, or any of the ones following it? That’s bullshit. She is practically THE most popular female character in all of Marvel comics, and now she’s reduced to playing a background character for the Black Panther (who’s on his 3rd series in danger of being canned)? And they don’t even get a proper honeymoon, but a “diplomatic world tour” that starts in Latveria, hosted by Dr. Doom, who just got back from Hell? Hopefully the pending Civil War tie-in issues will keep this book afloat, if not, the “Wedding of the Century” better be followed by the Divorce of the Century!
Cable & Deadpool #31 – Part 2 of the Civil War tie-in issues. Deadpool is working for Iron Man, and Cable is siding with the resistance, running 2 countries, and he’s about to re-join the X-Men, I’m confused, how about you?
Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #2 – So both teams have met up, sort of fought and now their robot members are malfunctioning. Not as good as either teams’ actual books, but still a good read with decent art.
Ultimate X-Men Annual #2 – Is that Ultimate Dazzler making out with Ultimate Nightcrawler?! For a guy who doesn’t get much play in the regular Marvel Universe, he’s a total pimp in alternate realities.
X-Factor #10 – This starts the 3-issue arc that should tie up year one for the new X-factor pretty nicely. I’ll admit the Singularity Investigations plotline has not thrilled me, but I’m still interested in how it turns out and what they get into next!
X-Men #190 – Just LOOK at the cover. Iceman & Mystique… making out!? The art on the X-Men is incredible now, and the storytelling surprising and intriquing, 2 things that have been lacking for almost a year for this title. Northstar and Aurora are about to attack the X-Mansion. How much trouble can a mind-controlled mutant ‘mo and his mind-controlled mental mutant sister do? Let’s find out together, shall we?

I’ve been going trade papaerback crazy lately, so the only other thing I’m picking up this week is Wizard, in an attempt to try and get a few “real” books read over the next few weeks. We’ll see if that happens!