I’m back bitches, well, sort of!

Sorry I haven’t updated in almost a week, but it’s been crazy. I was supposed to have a brief vacation from work starting last Wednesday, but was planning to make a few posts from home while I was away from the office. Well, the 1 time I tried to post from home, my crappy home PC deleted what I wrote without posting it. Then, from Friday on I have been sick with a nasty cold. Who the hell catches “cold” in August, I dunno, but it was me. So I’ve been couch-bound for 4 days, and have just gotten back in the office today. I don’t know if I’m gonna make it a full day, but figured I would at least post something for the faithful.

Here is what I have done for the past 4 days:

Watched: 3 discs of X-Men Evolution Season 1, 4 discs of Sex And the City, In Her Shoes, Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish, Spider-Man 2, V For Vendetta, Mysterious Skin, Scary Movie 3, Waiting, Dawn of the Dead, The Birdcage, Madonna:I’m Going To Tell You A Secret, Kylie: Showgirl, 1 episode of Big Brother, plus tons of dvd bonus materials.

Ate: pizza, ice cream, pop-ice, mrs. field’s cookies (thanks Shannon!), only one bowl of chicken soup – why? because i hate it!!, wonton soup, lo mein, chicken pot pie, 1 boca burger, cheese and crackers

Drank: everything non-alcoholic in the house

Read: Emma Frost Digest 2 & 3, Walking Dead TPB Vol. 4, my pull list from last week, the last issue of Blender, Cable & The New Mutants TPB, a couple chapters of Hot Six by Janet Evanovich

Re-organized: our dvd collection and our cd collection

I have also thrown used tissues all over the house, most of which have been recovered; probably gave whatever illness I had to both my BF and my BFF; bonded with the new kitten even more; grown a strong disliking for Verizon, since our phone has not been working for most of the weekend, furthering my sick isolation; and severely neglected the blog.

So as I catch up with work and real life, I’ll catch up with the blog too!! So thanks for stopping by again, and regular posts will resume in the next day or so!

And here’s a dance classic to show my enthusiasm in being able to leave the house again!!
(Kristine W – Land Of The Living)