An update on delays… apparently they’re the biggest thing going in comics right now. Wonder Woman #2 is allegedly shipping this week, after a month of delays, and not shiping last week. And now add X-Men #190 delayed until next week, All-Star Superman delayed until ??, and half of the Civil War related books delayed until September/October. This sucks hardcore, but hopefully it means better quality, so here’s what I’m buying this week:


Astonishing X-Men #16 – Kitty Pryde is about to kick some Hellfire Club ass. Hopefully, or else she’ll get her ass handed to her like the rest of the team last issue. Plus, is Emma really aligned with the new Hellfire Club? Is she being telepathically manipulated? Or is she as big a C-U-Next-Tuesday as she used to be? What does this mean for the rest of the X-Men & X-titles. If she really is bad again, doesn’t that totally fuck up continuity across the board? Either way, it’s what she gets for fucking Iron Man in the 80’s.
Eternals #3 – I’m pretty sure Neil Gaiman could take a crap on a piece of paper, and I would read it, and find it fascinating. This series has been great so far, and even the art, is surprisingly satisfying. What happens when a bunch of VIPs are kidnapped by enigmatic bad guys? OOOOOhhhhh…
Heroes For Hire #1 – A new Civil War tie-in, that will hopefully come out on time. Apparently a team of mercenarys, etc. hired by Iron Man to chase down Captain America and his underground rebellion. A bunch of characters we haven’t seen in a while, but I’m pretty sure Captain America and Luke Cage could lay a pretty smackdown on the Black Cat and Silver Sable, so hopefully they have some heavier hitters then them!
New Avengers #23 – What’s Spider-Woman’s take on the Civil War? She’s basically a triple agent now, working 3 sides of a situation, so how do these events F up her life even more? Plus art from Olivier Coipel of the House of M. Yay!
Wolverine #45 – Wolvie finally tracks down Nitro, and is keeping the pimp hand strong, when who shows up, but Namor. I don’t know if Wolvie and the Sub-Mariner have ever interacted before, but I’m eager to see what happens when 2 of Marvel’s most stubborn bastards have to decide the fate of the asshole who started the Civil War.

And since a crapload of stuff got delayed, I’m picking up the 2nd & 3rd Emma Frost digests (that talk about how she grew up to become the White Queen) and the 4th Walking Dead trad paperback, because I’m ALL about the zombies now!!