all boys this week… to complement the all girls last week

1. Kanye West ft John Legend – Heard ‘Em Say (live) (Late Orchestration) – So a few months back Kanye put out a live album, that wasn’t released in the states (go figure). He performs most of the song from Late Registration with a live orchestra, which really worked well on most of the songs. However I’m spotlighting one of the songs without strings. ‘Ye got John Legend to play live piano and sing some back-up on this track. However whoever the live DJ was, was on point, mixing in Adam Levine’s pre-recorded vocals perfectly, and when the beat actually kicks in part of the way through, it’s brilliant. Kanye may be crazy, but his music is excellent.
2. Fallout Boy – So Sick (live Ne-Yo cover) (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge) – Mash-ups are soooo 5 years ago, and the covers that all sorts of artists are performing on Jo Whiley’s Live Lounge on BBC Radio One are SOOOO in. So I think the deal is, an artist comes on to promote their album/single/tour, does a few of their own songs, and then does a cover of some other popular song, that’s is not necessarily in their genre. So I’m sharing Fallout Boy’s (of the sugar going down swinging and their bassist showing his cock on the internet fame) take on Ne-Yo’s “So Sick”. Originally the song only registered because I heard it was making the tweens swoon, but it was just too ho-hum R & B to warrant much appreciation from me, however it totally works as a stripped down little acoustic ballad for me. Plus the Fallout Boy singer’s voice is great when he’s not in that indecipherable emo mode the band is known for (seriously, try making out the actual words to “Dance Dance”).
3. Jim Verraros – Dirty Criminal (promo) – OK, let’s pick it up kids. I don’t really pay attention to American Idol. Some of those kids are mildly talented, but Americans are too stupid to pick a real worthy musician. I mean we all love Kelly Clarkson now, but right off the show… God she was icky. And that leprechaun who moonlights as a military ho, yawn. So I had only heard of Jim Verraros since he was gay, and the gay press just loves anyone who’s a little bit gay and a little bit celebrity. They put him in some movie I hear was awful, and I was scared to hear his music. Usually gay-based music, hate to addmit it, sucks. There’s minimal budget, so they don’t try to do anything special or edgy with the production, and usually it’s some flowery Lillith reject strumming a guitar. Not this Mary. It’s a dirty little electro-pop ditty that’s worth a few listens. He says naughty words, and sounds either like Geri Halliwell’s “Desire” with some balls, or Goldfrapp-lite. Check it out.
4. Men Women & Children – Dance In My Blood (Men Women & Children) – God, I love this song. It’s yet another one of those songs that fuses rock/dance/glam but this time, it works, and they’re not afraid of dance beats. Great beat, fun lyrics, some disco string synths, basically, you’re gonna here this song at every party and game night at my house for months to come! Plus, there’s a hot breakdown in beginning with the lyrics “You don’t need a reason to get out on the dancfloor”, mine & Madonna’s thoughts exactly.