Here’s what I’m getting this week:


Catwoman #58 – Selina managed to stop the bad guys who were attacking her home and her baby, but now she needs them to forget what they discovered. So who does she call?! Zatanna. I’m expecting some great cattiness (pun intended) between the two ladies, since Zatanna is responsbile for Selina’s own mindwipe!
Civil War: X-Men #2 – Part two of the Civil War repercussions for the X-Men! Last issue the remaining members of X-Force freed the 198 from the grounds of the Xavier Institute and the watchful eye of the Sentinels, the original 4 X-Men (minus Jean Grey… since she’s dead… for now) are tracking them down, and Bishop is pissed since the X-Men are remaining neutral about Registration. The cover looks pretty dull, but hopefully the story will be good!
Nextwave #7 – This is one of the funniest and fast-paced series I’ve ever read. However, it’s still a little abstract and not for everyone. Jordan hates it, but I am definetly enjoying the ride!! What happens when D-List characters are put on their own team book that doesn’t suck (like the Great Lakes Avengers)? Read Nextwave!
Runaways #19 – Can you believe who died last issue!? Me either!!! So apparently this next arc is called “Dead Means Dead” which is a little tongue in cheek jibe at Marvel’s “new” policy of killing characters and letting them stay dead. Or not necessarily. I’m sure the Runaway who died last issue will be dead long term though. This is one of the most well-written comics out there, and I’ve finally caught up to buying it on a monthly basis, hoorah!!
Thunderbolts #105 – The dullest Civil War tie-in got VERY interesting in the last few pages of the last issue. Apparently, Baron Zemo and his reformed super-villains are playing both sides of the Civil War. So who is he lying to? Cap? Iron Man? Both? Hmmmmm…
Wonder Woman #2 – About f-ing time!! What do you do with a great writer, who used to work on The OC, has great ideas for comics, but can’t get his work done on time. Let him put his awesome Young Avengers book for Marvel on hold for 6-8 months relaunch DC’s biggest female super-hero. Imagine that!? The story is great, but this issue has been delayed for almost 2 months now. WTF people!?

Which leads me to a little mini-rant. What the fuck is up with all the delays lately?? Civil War #4 was supposed to come out today, but is now pushed back to late September/Early October!? All-Star Batman & Robin #5, which is already on a lame bi-monthly shipping schedule, has been pushed back to NOVEMBER!? The Walking Dead, which I just got into through trade paperback, has revealed that it’s next few issues are hella delayed, so the trade for those stories won’t be out until after Christmas. So really, that’s the 3 biggest comics distributors right there, all having the same problem. Get it together bitches!! I can’t say I’m gonna stop reading… but I am getting a chip on my shoulder!!