Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you:


I guess, in theory, Maria De Guadalupe “Lupe” Santiago (AKA Silverclaw) could be cool. If she weren’t stereotyped like a mofo, and a carbon copy of several other characters. Being created by Kurt Busiek, one of comics best & smartest writers, and the legendary artist, George Perez, Silverclaw should be better than she is. Silverclaw, the 51st Avenger (just goes to show – Fifty is nifty, One more is a bore!), was born in Costa Verde (that’s Latin America, amigo), to an average villager man, and a Volcano goddess (not Pele, unfortunately). Unfortunately, Silverclaw’s daddy died when she was jut a young girl (pobresita) and she was forced to go into an orphanage. One of those Sally Struthers joints that they have the informercials for, and who should come to donate money to the upbringng of young Silverclaw, Jarvis, the butler to the Avengers and currently the dude sticking it to Ant May (literally – ay papi). Well Silverclaw always dreamed of both going to a US university, ane one day meet her “Tio Edwin” and the Avengers. Of course she does, and becomes an Avenger. Because she has superpowers, natch.

Now you’d think, with a volcano goddess for a mom, Silverclaw would have some sort of fire based power, right? WRONG! She has the ability to take on the characteristics of several animals of her native land. The jaguar being the most popular animal form, but she has also taken on forms of the monkey, anaconda, cockatoo (that’s pretty gay), crocodile, and the sloth. Yeah. A sloth… the furry thing that moves slow and hangs in trees. So she’s a chick who physically transforms into animals. Like Wolfsbane of the New Mutants, or Catseye of the Hellions, or Beast Boy of the Teen Titans, or Tigra also of the Avengers, or Feral & Thornn from X-Force… need I go on?

Hooray for new ideas, Kids, and Silverclaw, I salute you!