UPDATE 1/4/07: My man took care of me this Christmas and we made a definite haul with some lucky finds for christmas. I got the Wasp, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, Falcon, and the Iron Man/Mandarin 2-pack. I also lucked into finding the recalled Scarlet Witch in Rite Aid. Who knew!?

UPDATE 9/13/2006: I have returned from the incredible 2006 Baltimore Comic Con where I saw all the figures in the flesh (or in the plastic?). THey look even better in real life, especially the kitty Pryde and Warbird/Ms. Marvel WHICH I NOW OWN!!!!! I’m still lacking the Havok, Sentry, And Thor figures, but at least I got the girls, which I am so excited to finally have my grubby little hands on!! It’s still F-ing lame that I could never find them in the Wal-Mart, but I own them now, so it’s not so bad!! And now I can start re-scouring the stores for the new (and I think) last waves of the Marvel Legends and the X-Men lines to be shipped by ToyBiz, until the new lines come out in early 2007. Anywho…

UPDATE 9/1/2006: I have turned over a new leaf, and in my ongoing search, I’ve been finding a few of the older figures still on the shelves. Ya See, there’s some that I want, and some I REALLY want. So I’m buying up more of the “wants” while searching for the “Really” wants… I know… dorky

I’m annoyed… if you don’t want to hear me whine about action figures… skip this one.

Don’t they look cool!?

Marvel’s affiliate company, Toybiz (who handles about 90% of their action figure and toy merchandising), has a very successful toy line with their Marvel Legends lines. In the past few years they’ve released about 13 waves of amazing action figures, with great sculpting and articulation. Perfect for all the geeks out there to buy em up, collect em, pose em, whatever. I’m one of them, and most of the waves only have 1 or 2 figures I actually want, in early 2006, ToyBiz announced a wave that would be exclusive to Wal-Mart, released this summer. And for the first time, I actually wanted most of them. Kitty Pryde (the X-Man, not my cat), Captain Britain, Sentry, Ms. Marvel all making their official action figure debuts, plus Havok & Thor in their classic costumes. And at Wal-Mart — well it’s a shithole, but there’s Wal-Marts everywhere, so it should be a cinch to snag them. Right!?

Totally fucking wrong!
To date I have been to 7 Wal-Marts in my general vicinty (with-in 20 minutes of home or office) in the past month and have found only ONE of the SIX figures I’m looking for. Captain Britain (who looks really cool) is the only one that I actually want that I’ve found on the shelf, and the only other one I’ve even SEEN is the Sabretooth figure (that I’m not really interested in). And this was only in 2 of the stores I looked in. The other four… JACKSHIT. Not even a decent selection of previous waves. I only have one Wal-Mart left that’s not more than a half-hour away (Towson), and I don’t even think it’s worth crossing my fingers to hope they have them. And I have seen them on eBay for 2-4 times as much as they cost in the store. PLUS, Wal-Mart doesn’t even have them available on their flipping website. What’s up with that shit!? So this whole ordeal really has my ass chapped. In a perfect world, Wal-Mart would read this and ship me a case, unfortunately, I’m probably gonna have to scour eBay. Bastard people! Plus, there’s another wave being relased in August with 3 more figures I want, then another in November with 3 more, then even more coming in 2007. Dammit!

And out of boredom here’s the Marvel Legends I have so far:
Warbird (Ms. Marvel) – Kitty Pryde – Beast – Gambit – Mystique – Storm – Lady Deathstrike – Spider-Man – Wonder Man – Young Avengers (Box Set) – X-23 – Angel – Black Panther – Astonishing Wolverine – Ultimate Nightcrawler – Dr. Strange – Loki – Pyro – Psylocke – Lonshot – Scarlet Witch – Wasp – Spider-Woman – Falcon – Luke Cage – Iron Man – Mandarin

And the ones I still want:
Havok – Thor – Sentry – Hawkeye – Black Widow – Deadpool – Cyclops – Phoenix – Iceman – Colossus – Rogue – 1st Appearance Iron Man – Baron Zemo – Emma Frost – Banshee – Dark Phoenix

And don’t bug me with any of that “better things to spend my money on” shit! They make me happy, and at least their not crack. However crack, despite being an ILLEGAL DRUG, is a lot easier to come by. At least in Baltimore!!

(and don’t even get me started on the X-Men line)