Lighter week than I thought… 2 comics got delayed until next week… so here’s what’s going on today:


Civil War: Front Line #5 – The continuing saga of the reporters getting to the nitty-gritty of the Civil War issue, and Speedball’s troubles in the pokey. Last issue we saw Ben Urich attacked by a major villain and Sally Floyd stuck in a safehouse of unregistered superheroes (one of whom was Typeface, whom I know many of you are fans of now), as SHIELD attacked. Oh, and Speedball’s mom visited him in prison, told him they(his parents) wanted nothing to do with him, and then his powers started to come back, maybe. This series is pretty good so far, but Marvel, if you’re reading this, stop wasting the last 3-5 pages on those lame-ass stories trying to parallel the fictitious Civil War to real life wars and events. It’s just gay!
Ms. Marvel #6 – This starts the 3 issue tie-in to Civil War. Ms. Marvel is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in Marvel, but it looks like she’s siding with the pro-registration side of Civil War. Hopefully these issues will dig deeper into why exactly she feels this way. The next 3 issues have some great painted by covers by David Mack, who is AWESOME!!
New X-Men #29 – Who’s gonna die this issue!? That seems to be the question everytime I pick up New X-Men anymore. Apparently, in this issue, the New X-Men meet up with Forge, Storm’s ex, to battle Nimrod. So it doesn’t look like anyone will die this issue, but how do these kids sneak out of the mansion with Sentinels surrounding it?
Ultimate X-Men #73 – So the reimagined X-Men have a mysterious new member in their group. What’s his deal? Is Jean Grey really going crazy and seeing things that aren’t there? Will my questions be answered after this issue?

Also coming out today is the Marvel Zombies Hardcover. It collects all 5 issues of the mini-series from this spring, that I found out about 3 months too late to get it as it came out. And then started selling out like crazy, so that the first 3 issues were selling at around $10-20 a pop. In this book, it’s an alternate universe where all the people look like familiar Marvel heroes and villains, however an alien virus turns them all into– ZOMBIES. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I’m not picking it up today. It’s the first thing to go on my birthday wish list, since it’s only about 3 months away.