all girls this week… guess i’ll do all boys next week

1. Fergie – London Bridge (The Duchess) – You’ve probably heard this song by now. It jumped 79 places on Billboard this past week and is now top 10 in the US. As it should be, cuz this track is shit-hot. The lame radio versions changed the back up vocals to “Oh snap” or “Oh sh–“, though I’m more fond of the naughty version where the back-up vocals keep going “Oh Shit” cuz that’s my reaction. This is a HOT party song and I’m all over it. “Such a lady but I’m dancin’ like a ho”. You go, Fergie!!
2. Basement Jaxx – Hush Boy (Les Visiteurs Radio Edit) (Hush Boy promo) – Basement Jaxx has a new CD out this fall and I’m so excited. Their last cd was their best yet, and I hope this one continues in the same direction. They keep changing up the whole dance music thing, and there last album was out of this world. The original version of the song is a little ho-hum for me, but the remix gives their new single a little bit more punch.
3. Natasha Bedingfield – I Bruise Easily (Acoustic) (Stripped Music) – Time to calm the party down a little. I’m not usually one for slower ballad type songs, but I like this one. The acoustic version even takes it down another notch and her voice is so raw and on fire on this one.
4. Jamelia – Something About You (Walk With Me) – I’ve never paid attention to Jamelia. She’s pretty popular in the UK, but we have so many crappy girl R&B singers in the US (mostly because Aaliyah passed away and they think they can take her place), that trying ones out from the UK, seemed like too much effort. However, I heard so many good things about this track, I checked it out. Well it turns out she went pop, and it sooo works. It’ starts out like a decent party track, and then the chorus comes in, and it goes all Kelly Clarkson, without the oversinging. A great song, and I guess I’ll be paying even more attention to UK music now!