As previously reported, Smallville is coming back!!
The DVD of Season 5 is still being released September 12th, and the premiere of Season 6 was incorrect. Following rumor and speculation, I originally stated that the new season would premiere September 21st. And then I was kvetching because we would only have about 10 days to catch up on the old season before the new one started. Well I was wrong! The CW heard my whining (doubtful) and the new seson will debut September 28!!! Which gives me over 2 weeks to catch up on the 5th season, and be totally ready for Season 6!! Hoorah!! I am such a dork.

Now onto the spoilers… STOP reading if you don’t want them:
We meet Jimmy Olsen in Season 6… and he’s played by Aaron Ashmore, brother of Iceman in the X-Men movies – Shawn Ashmore (who also had a recurring role on Smallville as a villain who could “leech” powers and stuff). I wonder if they’re going to mention that he looks shockingly similar to a kid who tried to off Clark a handful of times… hmmm.
Justin Hartley will be appearing in this season as the Green Arrow. Originally, Justin was going to star in the Aquaman series for the CW, but the series was not picked up. Fortunately, the dorks can legally dowload the pilot from iTunes. It’s downloading for me right now. So I guess his schedule is open for him to have a possible recurring role on Smallville. Here’s to hoping for some cameos by Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, and Diana Prince.
Also, there is a rumor that James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) will appear on the season premiere…. OOOOOHH!!!

I’m excited! Are you? for more info… check out Smallville site