So several years back I made my film debut. Well, possibly this year I make my film debut… errr…

Almost three years ago, I answered a call for actors in a locally filmed independent horror movie. I wasn’t available to actually auditiion for a speaking role, as I was in another show at the time, but I was available for extra work, and since I’d never worked in film before, I figured why not. Long time later, it looks like the movie is just about ready to be released. We’re not talking cineplex material here, but I’m still interested to see the finished product. The movie is called Welcome Home, and is produced by JPNT Films. I’m linking the new Trailer:

Welcome Home Trailer

It’s not going to change your world, and I’m not in the trailer (hell I don’t even know if I’m in the movie… I was in one scene that may or may not be cut to pieces). But if you’re interested, why not take a peak. I let y’all know more details on the film as I get them. If I am still in the movie, I’m a waiter at the party, and I hit on some white-trash-whore type lady. Definintely acting!