1. Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Ta-Dah!) – I am so stoked for the new Scissor Sisters LP. Their debut was totally up my alley. I crave variety in music, and their cd delivered. Some upbeat party tracks, some more pop-oriented radio tracks, some chill-out thinking people music.This is the radio version of their new single, which is just slightly more kicked up from the album version. A little reminiscent of “Take Your Mama Out” but plenty bounce to it, with fn lyrics to boot. Plus, how can you not be stoked about and album titled “Ta-Dah!”!?
2. Lust (Live on HFS 8.25.99) – Tori Amos (leaked) – So this one is my little flashback of the week. I’ve loved Tori since high school, and have been borderline stalker in the past. Now, I’m a little more calmed down and remembvering some of her best moments. I used to have this version taped straight off the radio, and have sinced lost it. It’s stirring and beautiful, and this live version grabbed me a whole lot more than the album version. Very simple piano and vocal, but her voice is like a warm blanket. And i just found it online, so it’s even better quality then a 7 year old cassette tape. Enjoy!
3. Promiscuous (Rosario meets Timbaland Thru JTex Edit) – Nelly Furtado (leaked) – So far, the Ralphi Rosario Mix is the best one available for this massive summer hit for Nelly (Furtado, not sweatsuit).However they made a glaring error in leaving out Timbaland’s parts of the song. Well some basement DJ fiddled with the acapella and the remix, and put them into the breaks in the club mix. Now it’s perfect, except for a few bits where the vocal is ever so slightly off.
4. Heartbreaker – Pink (I’m Not Dead bonus) – So hear is the bonus track off of the international version of Pink’s “I’m Not Dead”. I was hoping it would be a cover of the Pat Benatar classic, but it’s not. It is a damn good song though. All tough and rock-ish, and keeping me in love with Pink. Lyric are pretty good too.