shock shock horror horror… I’ve haven’t posted a dimwit in over a week!? Here goes:


May I introduce you to Typeface.Yeah, he’s really called Typeface. And some even take him seriously (He’s a main character of one of the underground resistances to the Superhero Registration Act in Civil War), but dude, he’s got letters all over his clothes. Like a grown up version of one of the Sesame Street kids.

He was introduced as Spider-Man villain, and his “powers” are: he is a weapons expert, military trained and a veteran of an un-named war (vague-ly Vietnam, but as Marvel keeps their characters on a sliding time-scale, Vietnam makes him almost too old to be fucking around with a bunch of super-powered duded in spandex). As long as comics have been around, new villains typically have some sort of theme to them. Sometimes it works… Magneto, the Joker… sometimes it’s totally stupid (i.e. Typeface and anyone else I get around to spotlighting in this blog).

Typeface has not had too much spotlight in the comics, so he doesn’t have a huge history to get into. But, he tosses around letter-themed weapons. He has a P-shaped knife (cuz that’s scary), and various letter shaped bombs (I hope one of them is an F-bomb!). I don’t have much else to say about this jack-ass… so feel free to judge him on your own.

And today’s post has been brought to you by the letter “L” for Lame-ass, and the number “0” for the amount of solo issues of this guy is cool enough to star in.