I don’t generally post on other people’s posts… however it’s summer… and sometimes you have to rely on other people’s comedy to get you through the day… so here goes:

head over to fourfour

Rich’s blog is one of my most favorite things to read, but I think the comments on his post about little girl beauty pageants took on a life of their own… it’s like a soap opera playing out toward the end.

then head over to one d at a time

I found slut machine through Rich’s blog, and she is also fascinating. Here she links to a web review for a greasy spoon in Brooklyn. The reviews are mixed, until the owner of said greasy spoon starts jumping in with her own retaliations. Another soap opera ensues. Love It!!

I should have some thoughts of my own soon… Hopefully these will tide you all over till then.

And on the total opposite side of blogville, Tony is starting a campaign to push a more personal effort to further the gay marriage debate.