Very light this week… and my wallet is a little relieved about that!


Fantastic Four #539 – They are about to tear the roof off of “comics’ first family”. When the whole Civil War started the Human Torch was beaten into a coma by an angry crowd in front of a nightclub, and has been laying in a hospital since then. The Thing is torn between loyalty to his best friend, Mr. Fantastic, and his hometown who are at odds on the Registration Act. Oh, and Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic are starting to get quite heated over the Registration debate. Is it the beginning of the end for Marvel’s oldest team?
New Excalibur #10 – The first 8 issues have been rather slow and slapped together (in my opinion). Unfortunately the writer has had to take a leave due to health reasons, and the fill-in creative team put together a great issue last month dealing with Chamber and Apocalypse. This issue starts a three-issue arc, dealing with the Black Knight, and I’m excited to see if it moves along at a better pace.
Uncanny X-Men #477 – Three issues into the creative revamp on the flagship X-Men title, and the story is progressing. It’s moving a little slow, but it’s good to see that the creative team is not rushing through the story. They have an epic tale to tell, and editorial is definetly giving them the room and time to tell it. The X-Men are trapped in a space portal, and this issue looks like it’s going to catch up with Vulcan after he took off into space to destroy the Shi’Ar Empire. OOOOOOHHH!!