1. Deja-Vu – Beyonce (B’Day) – Ok, so I make fun of Beyonce… a little… the weave, the ugly boyfriend, the album named after a toilet that cleans out your hoo-ha; but damn if that girl didn’t drop a hot record. Upbeat R & B, a party record, and her voice is killin’ it without overkill.
2. Waiting For The World To Change – John Mayer (Continuum) – Okay. I have an inner hippie. I went to Lilith Fair, I enjoy acoustic guitars, I hate wearing shoes, I hate shaving. If my inner hippie were a real person, it would be John Mayer. The man has brilliant lyrics, and can make some dynamite music. Soulful, not too hard, not too soft… I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.
3. Weekend – Janet (leaked) – Okay. So i heard this a while ago and hated it. Then I realized what it was. It’s a grower, not a shower. Janet has never has the strongest vocals, and this track doesn’t disprove that, however the track they’re laid down on is like crumping on a space station. If you can imagine one of Janet’s hot dance routines going on with this song, then you’re able to forgive her for her tissue paper thin vocals. I’m still nervous about the album, though this won’t be on it. It was leaked through her website for like.. a day, then removed after a bunch of negative feedback.
4. Beecharmer – Nellie McKay & Cyndi Lauper (Pretty Little Head) – Columbia Records are assholes. They tried to flex too much muscle with this girl’s creativity, and sadly, her second album is likely to not be released. I’ve had mad respect for Nellie since her first album, “Get Away From Me”, a direct insult to Whore-ah Jones’ “Come Away With Me”. She has an incredible dry wit and just finished the Broadway run of “Threepenny Opera” with none other then Cyndi Lauper, who appears on this duet. Cyndi Fucking Lauper. One of the greatest performers living or dead. But it’s a fucking crime that this song is not going to be released.
5. Hand On Your Heart – Jose Gonzalez (Hand On Your Heart) – We all know I love Kylie, even some of her scarier 80’s moment. Well one of her most cringe-worthy 80’s ditties has been reworked into an inspired guitar ballad. Who knew!?