So I have a confession to make. To those of you who have known me for years, it’s probably not a surprise, but maybe some of my newer friends and acquaintances and blog readers don’ know this.


That’s right kids, Lance is officially out of the closet, as the Friday July 28, 2006’s “People” magazine reveals. Gay. GAY! Sadly, my crush, as they are wont to do, has waned over the years. I settled down, got engaged, and stopped pining away for celebrities, and focused my attentions on a man I see everyday. However, about 6 years ago, I was like a 12 year old girl in a 20 year old male body. Posters on the wall, all their cd’s, I even dragged my BFF to the opening weekend of Lance’s cinematic triumph:t16731ha6lq.jpg

He was, and still is really, so dreamy. That vacant expression, those dreamboat eyes, and somehing there to set off my gaydar. Some people were all about Justin or JC, no one was ever into Joey Fat-One, or the tard with the fake dreadlocks, but me, myself, and I? I was all about some Lance. I was even fortunate enough to have floor seats to their first major arena tour of the US, and wouldn’t you know it, he “flew” (on wires) right over my seat. Perhaps to sprinkle fairy dust on my lust filled heart. Unfortunately, between my own personal maturing, and him toppling out of the spotlight; my feelings have mellowed with age. However, I do remember a time, where his coming out, would have resulted in me basically stalking him.


So why now? And who cares? My BFF and I were chatting this morning when the news came out (no pun intended) as to why Lance’s coming out would result in a cover story on “People”. He’s basically a C-List celebrity now, and his failed attempt in outer space travel is really the last time anyone’s really heard about him. However, he was a member of one of the greatest boy bands ever, so he’ll probably always be, at least a little bit, famous. Plus, celebrities don’t come out anymore. They’re either gay from the start, or closeted for forever. Sure some dy-cons came out several years ago (Ellen, Melissa, Rosie), but guys just don’t do it in America. I guess Lance is at a point where coming out would no longer put his career, or those of his Nsync buddies, on the line (pun intended).

In closing, congratulations Lance. You did a brave thing. And you’re boyfriend is HOT! I guess since I was no longer available, Reichen from “The Amazing Race” is a worthy substitute.