I’m starting to look like a total Civil War junkie… but the story is hot, and I’m totally sucked in… oh well


Amazing Spider-Man #534 – It looks like Civil War could have some strong overall changes for the webhead. New costume, outted to the world as a superhero. Allegedly, Spider-Man is going to change sides on the Registration debate, so it’ll be interesting to see if there was truth to that rumor.
Civil War: Front Line #4 – This one keeps chugging along. Who knew people would ever feel sorry for Speedball!? He’s kind of a goofy almost dimwit level chracter, but his story in this book really fleshes out a strong character.
Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways #1 – The Civil War tie-in focusing on Marvel’s two hot teen groups. The Young Avengers are teens from NYC who are basically a younger version of the Avengers without actually being there kids (sort of). The Runaways are an LA based group who started up when they found out they were the children of super-villains who ran crime in LA. I’m excited to see how the teams react, plus this is the only way to see the Young Avengers monthly, since their book is on a temporary hiatus while the writer whores himself out to DC to write the new Wonder Woman series.
New Avengers #22 – It’s thrilling to see this team being torn apart by the Civil War. Who is siding with Cap and who is siding with Iron Man!? Let’s find out together!
Storm #6 – The ending to the origin story of Storm that revealed that back in her thief days, Storm met and fell for the Black Panther, when he was just a lad too. He popped her cherry last issue, and this one has the big fight seen with some mean hunter/jerky type guys. Wedding next month kids.
Wolverine #44 – Wolvie continues to chase down Nitro, to bring him to justice for blowing up half the town of Stamford Connecticut, and therfore igniting the whole Civil War/Superhero Registration Act business. Last issue we saw Nitro burn Wolvie to a metal skeleton, then saw him almost fully healed a few pages later. That’s taking the healing factor a little too far, I think.
X-Men #189 – I could get used to the 2 main X-books being biweekly. Rogue’s new team should finish developing this issue, then I imagine they’re gonna high-tail it to Mexico to find out why some new bad guys blew up a town and blamed it on the X-Men.

Luckily, some books got delayed this week, so it’ll be a little easier on the pocketbook.