1. My Dumps – Peaches (internet leak) – They say a hip-hop song has not reached it’s peak popularity, until there has been an answer song to it. Some one basically rips off the music and/or the flow. Well, the Black Eyed Peas just got DIRRTY. Peaches is a white female electro rapper, so her songs range from sounding more electro to more hip-hop, however this is very simple electro, and very crass lyrics. It’s just nasty and “scatalogical” and I laugh all the way through. If you can’t read between the lines, she’s talking about poopy.
2. SexyBack – Justin Timberlake (FutureSex/LoveSounds) – JT is back, and he sounds just like JC (Chasez, not Jesus Christ). His new song is hot, but his vocals don’t sound like him at all, which for some is a good thing, for me, I don’t mind his voice. I hope the new sound works for him on radio… it sounds like a big gamble to me.
3. Hung Up (LEX Reggaeton Mix) – Madonna (Hung Up Promo) – Ah, Madge, even when she’s dull, she does something cool. Reggaeton (think Shakira – ‘Hips Don’t Lie’) is a new genre that’s sort of growing on me. The original “Hung Up” was basd on a huge ABBA sample, some people thought it was a total rip-off, I thought it was a great disco dance song, and proved Madonna can still create hot dance music. And this remix makes me wanna grind on the dancefloor, instead of queen out. Hoorah!
4. Ain’t No Other Man – Christina Aguilera (Back To Basics) – Fucking WORK, bitch. She’s back too, and her song is hot as hell. Instead of climbing on the back of the latest trend, or staying in safe territory, like some of her peers, Xtina’s new single sounds like nothing else out there, and her voice is still astonishing. Nothing more to say accept go get it!
5. Trippin’ Me Up – Kylie Minogue (internet leak) – Oh Kylie, how I love you so!! I hope to see you in January. And I thank the little internet gremlins for leaking this hot little ‘Body Language’ cast-off to the world. I can see how it didn’t quite make an album, but it’s still burning up my iPod. Thanks, hon!

In a perfect world, I’d add download links, but I don’t want to get in trouble with those RIAA bastards, so I listed the album, so you can find them on your own (I hope). That’s where I am in music this week, which will be all different next week!!