C’mon, Vogue. Let your body move to the music.

Unfortunately, it is NEVER a good idea to name a character after a Madonna song. EVER!

So this skank is a product of both the 90’s, and Image Comics. Which means she is all but forgotten about in today’s comics. The 90’s were a rough time in some comics, competition was tough, people were trying to come up with the next great concept, big guns in tow, and so many titles with some combination of Blood, Death, Strike, or Black in the title. Nowhere was this more prevalent than in Image Comics. Image Comics was a company that started up after a lot of Marvel and DC’s big talent creators wanted more recognition and a bigger chunk of the royalties from their work, didn’t get it, so they all started up their own company. (All you need is your own imagination)Now I’m all for comics creators getting well-compensated for their work, however this plan totally backfired. What Image comics lacked, was decent editorial staff. The guy who says “You know, maybe that’s not the best idea. That guy is a total rip-off of Batman. And how does he shoot 6 guns at the same time?” Image didn’t have enough of those guys. So all these disgruntled creators came up with these larger than life characters and ideas, some of which were beyond ridiculous. (Don’t just stand there let’s get to it) Which brings us to Vogue.

Vogue, AKA Nikola Voganova (yeah, that is one of the gayest things I’ve heard), was a member of Youngblood (I don’t have the energy to talk about what a turkey this book was, but look it up on Wikipedia if you like). She was a Russian gymnast, who saw her father die when she was 13, then at 18 joined up with a government agency that trained her to be a soldier/fighter/badass type plot device (ladies with an attitude). Between government training and becoming a supermodel (strike a pose there’s nothing to it) she also got to avenge her father’s death. Hooray! Then she joined the “super” team that was Youngblood (it makes no difference if you’re black or white if you’re a boy or a girl), and then launched her own cosmetics company and line (not “Hedare”). (go inside for your finest inspiration your dreams will open the door)

Oh and she’s purple and white, which make her a pefect match for yesterday’s dimwit, Nimrod! I also dig her ability to fight just as well in armor, and a bathing suit. You GO, Girl!!

Luckily, the 90’s passed, everyone learned their lesson, Image has drastically downsized, and most of these tards are forgotten about. Or at least no one is writing about them anymore! In comics, at least. Blogs are a whole other matter!