Okay, so here is the deal. Kylie has recovered from her cancer battle and has rescheduled her cancelled Australian tour. There were 20 dates left in Australia, before she had to postpone them, to undergo treatments. Well they have been rescheduled for November and December, and Kylie is now getting back into shape, and tweaking the tour with some new surprises. The Showgirl Tour has already been her biggest tours ever one of the greatest spectacles I’ve seen (on DVD).

images.jpg And in a big surprise, during an interview Sunday, Kylie announced she will bring the Homecoming tour to Wembley Arena, in London, for a week at the beginning of 2007. Sure enough the ticket sale was announced on Monday, and the tickets go on sale on Friday. And I’ve decided, I’m going.

images-2.jpg I’ve always dreamed of travelling to London, and absorbing as much of the city as I could, and I’ve been dying to see Kylie in concert for years. Unfortunately, her popularity in the US is minimal compared to her European success; so it’s almost definite that she is never going to tour the US. So if she’s not gonna bring the party to me, I’ve got to bring myself to the party. And kill to birds with one stone.

kylie128.jpg So the beginning of the week has been spent researching London, and exactly how feasible a trip like this is. I’ve never travelled internationally, and never planned a trip of this magnitude on my own. But I’m doing it. And it’s not as impossible as I thought. The worst part of the cost is the airfare. And that’s going to be about $1100. And that will be the worst. Evrything else is not bad, and i have months to save, plus a birthday and Christmas in between. My list will be pretty short this year!

So wish me luck in the plans. And I’ll keep updates coming on here, each step of the way.images-1.jpg

PS Any advice or travel tips are more than appreciated!