Marvel has gotten into having very light weeks early in the month, and then the last 2 are bank-busters. Jeez!! Anyway, here’s the gameplan for this weekend:

Pull List:

Cable & Deadpool #30 – The beginning of the 2-part tie-in to Civil War. It appears Deadpool will be battling with the new Daredevil (since the real Daredevil is in the pokey). Plus, I’m interested to see what role Cable is playing in the resistance to the Superhero Registration Act.
Civil War #3 – The next part of the main series. Hopefully we’ll see some action in this one. Iron Man and Captain America have both been gathering allies for their sides of the Registration debate, and I’m eager to see more of the aftermath of Spider-Man revealing his secret identity to the world.
Civil War: X-Men #1 – So the titles that are the most popular get to skip having to tie-in with the regular titles, and get to have a separate mini-series, instead. Like I need to be dropping another $3 a month, however I’m dying to see how the mutants still at the mansion are dealing with the rift in the hero community.
Eternals #2 – I was ready for anything with this series. I knew the story would be on point (it’s written by Neil Gaiman), but I was expecting the art to SUCK! However John Romita, Jr. must have taken some classes or something because his art is the best I’ve ever seen since his very early days.
New X-Men #28 – The aftermath of having most of the new class of mutants at Xavier’s institute killed or wounded, now they have to fight Nimrod. Plus an appearance by the New Avengers. So we have to be liberal on the timeline, since technically, the New Avengers have split already in Civil War.
Ultimate X-Men #72 – This series re-imagines the X-Men from the ground-up. Some charactyers are similar but most everyone’s background has been tweaked. Jean is on the verge of going schizo, the new guy is very mysterious, oh and Colossus is a ‘mo!
Uncanny X-Men #376 – To make the revamp of the 2 main x-titles even better, they’re going bi-weekly this month, which means 2 issues in 1 month. This team gathered by a depowered Professor X are getting ready to go into space and save the Shi’Ar Empire from the recently revived 3rd Summers brother (the brother of Cyclops & Havok). Ed Brubaker has really come on with a vengeance on this title. And who knew Warpath would be the new X-men badass!?
Catwoman #56 – Jordan got me hooked on Catwoman again after almost 10 years away. And this is a biggie, Catwoman’s baby is in danger by the new crazy dude in town. Selina is caught at her most vulnerable, and is the new Catwoman going to save her!?
Wonder Woman #2 – Wonder Woman has been revamped now too. Will Donna Troy stay the new Wonder Woman? Will Diana Prince stay a special agent? Will I care next month? This issue will tell.

So hopefully no duds this weeks. From the looks of it, “whole of my body will be jumping” for a few hours on Saturday. And, (hopefully) I can still afford them after (hopefully) buying Kylie tickets on Friday morning.