So, ShannonH, has inspired me to have a little fun with my comics knowledge. So whenever the spirit moves, I’m going spotlight a laughable part of the comics: some of the lamest characters. Enjoy! In honor of Shannon, our first one will be:


Nimrod was introduced as a more dangerous Sentinel that followed Phoenix II (Rachel Grey-Summers) back from the future to destroy all mutants. He quickly re-programmed himself to terminate only mutants classified as “outlaws”. Which would mean the X-Men at the time. Natch, all of his attempts to destroy them failed, and he eventually reprogrammed himself again to not try to destroy the X-men. Phew! That was a close one. However, he had a run-in with a piece of the MasterMold Sentinel, and the MasterMold used Nimrod’s regenerative powers to repair itself, and pursue the X-Men. The X-Men worked with Nimrod to destroy the MasterMold. They sent both robots through a mystic portal (I shit you not), and years later, the 2 robots had merged into Bastion. Who with his human appearance, started Operation: Zero Tolerance, a government program to, you got it destroy outlaw mutant groups, including the X-Men (imagine that). It was revealed that Bastion was, in fact, Nimrod, when his secret plan to (again I shit you not) turn all mutants into evil cyborgs. Nimrod was stopped again, only to come back about 8 years later, somehow repowered my crazy religious leader, William Stryker (no relation to Jeff), to tear up the New X-Men class. The new story will be unfolding over the next few months in New X-Men. Golly!

So, Nimrod is, like, uber-strong, and almost unstoppable, and since he’s a robot, the possibilities are endless as to what he can or can not do. Accept look cool! I mean he’s a pink freakin’ robot. Pink! He’s even got an upside down pink triangle on his “chest”. Now, as an out and proud homosexual, even I think that’s pretty gay. Can you imagine Wolverine or Storm running from this pansy? Well maybe Halle Berry Storm, but not 80’s badass mohawk Storm.

However, I’m really good with suspension of disbelief, so I keep reading!