So I’m trying out having a weekly feature now… Everyone else is doing it, and since it doesn’t involve jumpin off a bridge, I’ll give it a try too. Every Thursday, I’m posting my “pull list” for my weekly trip to the LCS (dork speak for local comic shop). And maybe some commentary. Most of you won’t care… but maybe one day Wizard or Marvel will pay me for my opinion. This is a list of what I plan on buying, as I normally don’t get to the LCS until Thursday evening, or Saturday afternoon.

So here’s the first one!

Pull List:
Civil War: Front Line #3 – Part 3 of the main Civil War tie-in series. Civil War is Marvel Comics big summer crossover this year, and what a gnarly exciting beast it is. Basically, the {imaginary} goverment has passed a “Superhero Registration Act” and the heroes of the Marvel Universe are split down the line on those for it and those against it. Those who are against it are now fugitives of the law. The main action of the event happens in Civil War, and more peripheral stories happen in this biweekly series. It a collection of shorter tales by various writers and artists and some shine more than others, however, being the completist, I’m pursuing the whole thing.
Ms. Marvel #5 – Five issues into the relaunch of Ms. Marvel and I’m hooked. The art and story are on point, and who knew that a former second string Avenger would be so fascinating!? In this issue we finish up at 2 part arc guest starring Dr. Strange and tieing in to last year’s “House of M” mini-series.
Thunderbolts #104 – The second part of their tie-in to the Civil War crossover. It’s kinda boring, but I’m being a completist, so I’m getting it to have the whole story. It’s a team of reformed supervillains, who are now heroes, and now they’re helping Iron Man wrangle other supervillains to try and get them to fight for the pro-registration side. I’m not very familiar with this team, which probably explains the boredom I feel when I read it.
X-Men #188 – I have been waiting months for this. X-men is getting realunched with a new creative team. The artist is Chris Bachalo who has done so much awesome art for Uncanny X-Men, Generation X, the Death mini-series’, and more; so I can’t wait to see his work again monthly. And the writer, Mike Carey, has great plans, starting with changing the team line-up to include, Sabretooth, Mystique, Iceman, Cable, Cannonball, and Rogue as their leader. This book has gotten a little dull in the past few months, and a shake-up on the creative team should be just what the doctor ordered. Plus they’re following up on some stories with Northstar, Marvel’s first gay mutant. Hoorah!
Runaways #14-16 It’s a light week as far as new releases go, so I’m picking up some issues of this book from a few months back. The series was released in a series of mini-digest (kind of like manga), reprinting issues 1-18 of the first series, and 1-12 of the second, however it’s an ongoing monthly series, and now I can catch up on the last few new issues. Awesome book!

That’s it for this week. Bigger haul next week!