I’m back… and so are my 3 favorite musicians!!


Lil’ Kim is out of the pokey, bitches!

That’s right, Independence Day was more special this year, as the day before Lil’ Kim was released from prison, 3 months early. You go, girl. Now granted, she looked rough, but what do you expect!? Lil’ Kim is a pretty high maintenance kind of girl, and being in jail for 8 months, kind of separates you from any dieting, stylists, weaves. She’ll be looking fine in a month or so.

So now she’s on house arrest for a month, then 3 years of probation. She’s getting back into the studio, and into the promotion of her last album, “The Naked Truth”, which was crippled in sales due to her lock-up. Apparently they’re planning to re-release it with some new tracks, and she’ll sell it like it’s her job. Well… it is… but whatever.

Anyway… Congrats Kim, I’m glad you’re back, boo!


Kylie’s Back!!

After some brief appearances hither and yon, Kylie is officially back. She just did a major television interview on her cancer battle, and future plans, to be aired in a week or so. She released the plan for the “Showgirl: Homecoming” tour which will wrap up the 20 dates in Australia that she had to cancel after her diagnosis. And she’s back in the studio. If anyone would like to get me to Australia this fall, her tour restarts exactly one week after my birthday… just a thought!


Tori is releasing more stuff!!

I’ve been a fan of Tori for years… but lately it’s been waning a bit. She switched record labels and her subsequent albums have had more highs and lows than previous albums. They been more same-y and MOR than her previous efforts, and since she’s started touring with a band, I wouldn’t have her any other way. So I pretty much ignored her last box set of live albums and the tour preceding it (except for some brilliant cover version, including a tribute to Kylie after her diagnosis). However, there’s been some great news coming from her camps. First, she’s just finished recording her next album slated for an early 2007 release which promises to be a return of the crazy loud angry Tori I first fell in love with. Second, a box set is to be released this fall, titled “A Piano”, and sounds really exciting. The 5-disc collection is said to include several unreleased b-sides, demos, remastered tracks, and some remixes; all with liner notes written by Tori. I’m sure it’ll be price-y… but it’s right around my birthday… so hopefully a benevolent gift-giver will be ready with that! Hooray for Tori, you’ve got me excited about you again.