So Marvel has decided, since summer isn’t busy enough with all of their characters busy fighting in a “Civil War”, except for the Hulk and some of the X-Men, who are fighting in space, why not have Storm and the Black Panther get married.

Storm, one of the greatest X-Men leaders, a mainstay on the team, and someone who has never really dated the Black Panther.

The Black Panther, the leader of an African utopia called “Wakanda”, and a character constantly struggling to not be written all contrived and stereotypical.

So how do we make this conceivable!? Well, have successful Black novelist, Eric Jerome Dickey, write a six issue mini-series, re-writing Storm’s history to include a teenaged relationship with the Black Panther. And as well written as this series may be, I still feel manipulated into supporting this marriage.

Other memorable comic book marriages, have had a reason: Spidey & Mary Jane and Cyclops & Jean Grey are couples who have been together for years, and their marriages were long awaited milestones.

This Storm/BP thing is totally out of nowhere. And Storm has much better suitors… Forge, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, even Bishop; these are all relationships that have been bubbling under for years. And the Black Panther, since he’s been an Avenger before, wouldn’t Tigra be a better choice!? I’m mean she’s a cat-woman for chrissakes! It just seems like, for no apparent reason, Marvel has picked their 2 most prominent Black characters, and shoved them together to sell some comics. (I guess it’s working, because I’m buying them) (On another note, in a press release, Marvel erroneously referred to the Black Panther as African American. Dudes, he’s just African… are you scared to refer to him as Black when his name is as controversial as “The Black Panther”!?)

So I’ve got another month or so to go to find out how this really works out… but at this time… it just feels so forced.

(On the other hand, Storm’s wedding dress looks fierce!)
and look how big Kitty Pryde’s jugs look in that bridesmaid dress. she’s apparently had work done for the wedding. probly the same place Emma Frost went