So yeah… I saw X-Men 3 again last night. And when it gets to the $3 theatre I’m going to see it more. I’m still trying to decide if I can call it my favorite one. Shannon went with me, and I’m glad she enjoyed it, but because she is a non-dork (at least as far as comics), I spent a good part of the ride home suspending her disbelief. But at least it proves to me that there is a market for the X-Men with non-geeks, and the studio better get to work on X4… or even Wolverine… cause I’ll totally be there opening night… and probably 3 times after that!

Whole of my body was jumping though… and even if it was my second time, I was still caught with my mouth wide open several times. Something about the X-Men turns me into a drooling geek,

And I love it.