Jermaine Dupri, the “mastermind” behind Mariah Carey’s return, and many other “hit” records of the past year; who is currently in the studio ruining the sound of Janet’s album… had this to say about Janet’s new single:

“It’s a duet between her and Nelly,” Dupri said. “It’s the jump-off. It’s really just a record about when you need a friend, somebody you need to talk to, just call on a person. It’s a friend record. It ain’t really a boyfriend/girlfriend record. The way Nelly and Janet is talking is more girlfriend/boyfriend, but it really goes out to friends.”

Which is it Jermaine?? Are they friends or are they fucking?

I may have downloaded this song this past weekend, and to me, it sounds like a nap. A long nap. Maybe the dirt-nap that has become Janet’s career since she flapped her titty on national TV. So where we once had an artist who conquered her wispy frail voice by giving us some tremendous dance routines, and some incredible pop/dance/hip-hop anthems, is now going to do what her yawn-inducing rat-faced boyfriend tells her, and put out an album of mundane Mariah castoffs, and sleep away the rest of her career.

Janet, I miss you. Give me a call when you’re back in Controoo-oool.