So last night was my first and possibly only concert of the summer, what with concert ticket prices rising like the temperature, and not many people on the road I'm dying to see (until Nelly Furtado announces her schedule). And what a concert it was!!

Rob Thomas & Natasha Bedingfield @ Merriweather Post Pavilion

The weather was lovely. Boyfriend and I made it down to the venue with time to spare, and the crowd was pretty agreeable. Now to the music:


Natasha Bedingfield was terrific. Her band was tight, her vocals were great, and her interaction with the crowd was nice; considering that:

a) Americans are pretty sucky at welcoming and appreciating new and/or foreign artists

b) most people there, only knew her as the "i love you i love you" unwritten girl, if at all

So clearly, she was just at opening act status, and only got 30 minutes to fill. Which is a shame, because she was 50% of why I bought the tickets in the first place. However she worked out those 30 (ish) minutes. Her set:

If You're Gonna – Single – I Bruise Easily – These Words – Silent Movie – Unwritten

Was a good sampler of the best parts of her album, and hopefully will lead to more oppurtunities here in the states. If it fails, though, I hear she's banging Nick Lachey, so maybe that will work for her instead. Either way, yay Natasha!!


Rob Thomas put on a great show and I was really impressed.

I was never a big Matchbox 20 fan, they had some good songs, and some more blah songs. However his solo material has been a lot more appealing. Pardon my memory, but I remember of his set included (not necessarily in this order):

This Is How a Heart Breaks – Problem Girl – Something To Be – Lonely No More – Wonderwall – Let's Dance – Suspicious Minds – 3AM – Smooth – When The Heartache Ends – Fallin' To Pieces – some other Matchbox 20 songs – I Am An Illusion

His performance was great. The crowd was pleasant and excited, and he had a great connection with us. He seemed thrilled to be performing and had a genuine love of his craft. His band was TIGHT, and they seemed pretty laidback, while still really enjoying themselves. Apparently they were running fast on time, so their encore was extended. Fine by me!

Oh — and the light show. He had a bitching light show to accompany his show, which was surprising and exciting.

All in all they were totally work the 50 bucks, and my only gripe is that Natasha didn't play longer!