So yesterday was the 6th of June. I wanted to make this post yesterday, alas time escaped me… so here goes, a day late.


A bit of hoopla is going on due to the date of 6-6-06. And I find it ironical that the mentally impotent leader of our back-pedalling nation has taken it upon himself to again try and set civil rights back a couple pegs, and is pushing for a ban on gay marriage. Again.

Luckily, he's unlikely to get enough support on this issue and it will undoubtedly drop like my left nut when I turned 14.

However, I think it's scarier then any horror remake that such a fucktard is running our country, and feels compelled to tell me what to do with not only my dick, but my ring finger as well. The Dixie Chicks were wrong. Forget Texas, I'm ashamed this guy is from Earth.


pleased to meet you hope you guessed my name but what's puzzling you is the nature of my game ~Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil